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While he occasionally sees younger riders engaging in bad behavior, he said the vast majority just want to bike with their friends. Many of them started biking as a way to distance themselves from crime and violence, he said. While the just want to ride location is announced only about two hours before a ride begins, NYPD is typically aware of the rides ahead of time because they are promoted heavily on social media, Foster said, and police have been known to contact some of the more well-known participants before rides start.

The rides used to begin in Rucker Park in Harlem, but just want to ride start further north in the Bronx.

One video filmed at 57th Street and Seventh Avenue showed a young man whom police had thrown to the ground. Even with the constant threat of police harassment, more young people are riding bikes in his community, Foster said.

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Now Foster is looking into wanh the larger ride-outs permitted. A car-free route would diminish the appeal of the ride out for young people.

Come on! If a kid pulls that move in front of a motor vehicle, should it jam on the breaks just in case the kid made a mistake? Even of bus standees would be sent flying and perhaps injured themselves?

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Is it so reactionary to think that different modes of transportation merit different engineering to keep everyone safe? Is the Tour de Bronx still a thing?

Or a how about an uptown hust to Summer Streets?

The MTA shuts down subway lines for cats. Maybe if the city started building more greenways throughout the five boroughs, these kids would get it all out of their system in a more appropriate environment.

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The fact none kust died so far is a testament to their bike-handling skills. When we built skateboard parks, a lot of this behavior stopped.

Just want to ride

In fact, I doubt just want to ride that many cyclists would want to ride on highways even if it were legal. It might be more a case where a few hundred occasionally tie up highways to protest the ridd of something equivalent for bikes.

I just want a place where I can ride non-stop for miles the same way cars on highways drive non-stop for miles. Do you have any suggestions about where these might get built?

I Want to Ride my Bike – Cafe Bar and Workshop

Parallel to all major highways for starters. And then perhaps infill between major highways.

The idea is to have a grid of such greenways with 1 to 2 mile spacing. Songs with tto in the lyrics are fair game. Ticket to Ride The Beatles.

Hitch a Ride Boston. Ride a White Swan T.

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Slow Ride Foghat. Still They Ride Journey.

Ride the Lightning Metallica. Casey's Last Ride Kris Kristofferson. Let It Ride Gordon Lightfoot. Ride the Wild Surf Jan and Dean.