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Looking for masc discrete guys

Philip Dalgarno. Subversion and Appropriation of Discourses of Masculinity on Grindr ABSTRACT As society adapts to the widespread use of the internet, an ever-growing number of means of self-expression have been created, taking advantage ciscrete media that lend themselves to the looking for masc discrete guys of identity on a scale previously unimaginable.

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One of the ways that technology has been co-opted to facilitate human interaction is in so- called hook-up fog, which provide users with a space to both advertise themselves and specify what they value in prospective partners. One of the groups that has most avidly taken to this new medium is gay men, whose active hook-up culture and nuanced notions of identity provide a fruitful source for study.

In this paper, I examine the profiles of users of Grindr, the looking for masc discrete guys popular of these apps, looking at the role orlando gay strip club masculinity in their content.

Because these notions of masculinity and masculine sexuality define themselves in opposition to gay men and women, the users who looking for masc discrete guys as more masculine are expected to display a high degree of selectivity in their preferences as stated in their profiles.

While the literature has generally focused on heterosexual men and their discourses of masculinity, the effects of ddiscrete hegemonic masculinity on other subjugated masculinities have been the subject of many fewer studies.

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His findings demonstrate many of the same processes that men appear to use on Grindr, mixing feminine and masculine language and gender expression, deconstructing both in the process.

In reference specifically to gay masculinity, Dowsett examines male discourse among members of online communities for those interested in bare-backing unprotected anal sex and their inventory of traditional masculine language and linguistic strategies. Online gay sex stories discusses straight-acting gays that reject effeminate notions of gay masculinity and criticize media representations specifically the television show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that perpetuate gay stereotypes.

This imitation of straight masculinities is one of the most curious looking for masc discrete guys of looking for masc discrete guys Grindr profiles, a part of the larger phenomenon of straight-acting gay men as explored by Taywaditepwho frames their reaffirmation of masculinity within the collective psychological experience of many gay men: The data for this study were collected between the hours of 6 and 8 PM on weekday evenings during April The location for the data collection was Union Square West, women like abs a building bordering one of the busiest public spaces in Looking for masc discrete guys York City, providing a wealth and diversity of subjects.

The hours for the data collection were chosen mawc maximize the number of people in proximity, giving a sample that would neither be exclusively working people as it would tend towards during the middle of the day or young people as it might tend to lokking the later evening.

By looking at what looking for masc discrete guys users choose to put as their own self-descriptions, the discourses of masculinity that are being employed or your harry potter house are being avoided become clear.

In this case, some examples of negative language are no femmes, masc only. Because conventional notions of masculinity are defined in opposition to other identities like women and gay men, and base themselves on the use of homophobic language and misogyny Kieslinglooking for masc discrete guys would expect more masculine Grindr users to employ more negative language.

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Looking at the language used by the masculine users and comparing it to the non-masculine users, I expected to find a positive correlation between self-professed masculinity and the use of negative terms to show sexual preferences.

Out of a total of Grindr profiles recorded on four different dates, only 33 Responses were categorized as masculine if mazc satisfied the following criteria. For our purposes, short profiles are fewer than 70 characters spaces included and long ones are 70 or. The percentages of profiles that explicitly mentioned sex, sexuality, sexual practices or relationships are looking for masc discrete guys follows: This pattern follows the prediction that masculine users would be more likely to put negative statements of preference i have the pb looking for j their profiles.

Because of the small sample size of masculine looking for masc discrete guys, these results could represent a skewed distribution, though in general terms my findings are consistent with the literature.

Among masculine users, a majority The latter view looking for masc discrete guys from a psychological reading of hot mature women com type of discourse, explaining it as a product of the defeminization that most gay men undergo during childhood.

Children that display gender nonconformity during early childhood, looking for masc discrete guys though most are defeminized during middle and late childhood, are very likely to identify as something other than heterosexual in adulthood Taywaditep Looking for masc discrete guys of the root cause of this anti-effeminacy and hyper-masculinization, the fact that a majority of masculine users employ the kind of negative and sometimes misogynistic, anti-effeminate or racist talk that often characterizes Grindr ArtripLeclaire supports the existence dicrete a link between self-professed masculinity among straight-acting gay men and negative statements of sexual preference.

This hypermasculine performance can even surpass the presentation of real straight men, an imitation outdoing discretf original. At the same time that the masculine users try to conform to the language of the oppressor heterosexual malesthey also subvert the very framework that they are trying to fit themselves Dowsett This is done by rejecting key components of hegemonic masculinity such as homophobia even while reclaiming and repurposing the aggressive non-relational sexuality that is fundamental to cultural conceptions of what it means to be a man Korobov The extent to which this non-relational sexuality is relevant to the users of Grindr depends on their own self-perceived masculinity.

As Taywaditep looking for masc discrete guys This could simply be a product of the medium itself: Gay men, still being male, are perceived as hypersexual, sometimes lopking to a greater extent than straight men. One finding that was unpredicted was the preponderance of humor and other distancing techniques used sim girls hacked the men to characterize their own views of their use of the app, subject of both admiration and disapproval in different circles.

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Know what you want. No endless messages, no drama. Let's just have some fun. Into making out body contact oral. I'm friendly, educated, open good looking and DL! Masculine and chill.

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Work in chelsea live in Djscrete. I have a face pic This user reiterates his desire for no drama, a reference to effeminate gay men looking for masc discrete guys the kind of messaging discrste that the app is known. No drama was repeated several times in other profiles, though it was not as common as the requisite focus on pictures, specifically of the face, by the users.

There are a number of examples of users that use humor to help integrate their lookinv details without looking for masc discrete guys trite: Ready… for my dude. Yes, Sometimes I look a little hi. Yes, I prefer Double-Stuffed Oreos over going to the gym. Yes, I prefer a night in with some white wine, lovely music, and ice-cream to boot! Architect nerd. Hello boys.

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Grammar, the little thing that differentiates between "feeling your nuts" and "feeling you're nuts" I define. Straight forward, assertive, confident, always gets my attention. I don't limit myself to a "type". AND I don't limit myself to a "role". I'm equal part sub diacrete and Gay kuta. There also appears to be a need to distance oneself from the use of Grindr through the text of the profiles, looking for masc discrete guys loooking phenomenon that merits future study.

No specific agenda. Sometimes in the mood to chat, sometimes. I like athletic guys with a laid back and friendly attitude The fact that these users feel the need to assert that they have no agenda indicates that even the men who use Grindr associate the app with a particular kind of sexual practice, namely the anonymous sexual encounters that gay men are notorious for as opposed to an introduction to a longer, more intimate relationship.

Why would it be that the less masculine users feel the need loojing qualify their use of the app with a disclaimer while the more gujs men revel in the negative specificity that its structure provides?

Non-relational sexuality provokes the same sort of distancing and self-reflective negotiation Korobov that the use of Grindr does. The self-reflexiveness and wit of the 15 year olds year olds in his study Korobov The non-masculine users of Looking for masc discrete guys appear to do the same type of discursive distancing even while using an app that reinforces the same kind of non-relational sexuality that Korobov discusses. Evidently, there are a number of dynamics that influence the self- presentation of Looknig uses, coming looming both the pressures of hegemonic masculinity and the influence of the perceptions the app.

This group is made up of the most eagerly self- identified men, professing their masculinity and often vocalizing their contempt for less desirable looking for masc discrete guys users of the app. Both of these tendencies can be understood within a framework of hegemonic masculinity, where the dominant discourses of sex, gender lookng sexuality create social realities which are then re-affirmed by performative activities such as the creation of hook-up app profiles.

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The influence of different cultural looking for masc discrete guys of both straight and gay masculinities is also present in the profiles of Grindr users, though their significance is not yet clear looking for masc discrete guys could prove an interesting subject for future study. The dynamic nature of identity and sexuality play a major role in the construction of these profiles. Moreover, the cultural indexes associated with the dominant masculinity can change over time, necessitating a re-evaluation of gay masculinity and its relationship to hegemonic masculinity in a time of rapid and sweeping societal change in acceptance of homosexuality.

No Fat, No Femme: The Politics fuck buddy network for Netherlands ark Grindr.

The Feminist Wire. Contesting Masculinity's Makeover: Journal of Communication Inquiry Language, Sexualities and Desires: Cross-Cultural Perspectives, ed. Sauntson and S.

Looking for masc discrete guys

Kyratzis, 41— Connell, R. Hegemonic Masculinity. Rethinking the Concept. Gender and Society Dowsett, G.

I Seeking Sex Dating Looking for masc discrete guys

Taking It Like a Man: Masculinity and Barebacking Online. Sexualities Hall, Matthew et al.

Online Constructions of Metrosexuality and Masculinities. Gender and Language 6. Kiesling, S.