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Women coffee morning sex chat

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Several weeks ago a dear reader friend asked a very important question that got me seriously rabbit-trailing into my own theology of sex and Pt. But I am ready to get back to the question now, and I hope you will join me. The whole reason Massage in altona get up early in the morning before the babies wake is because I want to use this space cjat communicate my heart and find a way to hear yours. I do have a question though that may women coffee morning sex chat a little off topic of your original post…how important do you think it is for most women to reach orgasm during sexual intimacy women coffee morning sex chat their husbands?

Easy for a man to say. This is such a wonderful zex, and something I have been pondering a lot over the last few weeks. I cannot say I have the answer, but here are a few of my thoughts.

First, I think that it is really important to know why single kontakte schweiz have sex in marriage. When our Creator formed us, He gave us the clitoris. This is a very special and unique organ made for one purpose: God states something pretty spectacular by giving us this organ — we were made to experience pleasure.

Women coffee morning sex chat

He could have easily allowed us to women coffee morning sex chat using the body parts that we already had, but no, He specifically gave us a body part that is for nothing but pleasure. Endorphins are also released, giving us a feeling of happiness and well-being. When you put all of this together, it seems that God made orgasms to be something that all women experience as a positive, life-giving part of their marriage bed.

So what about reaching orgasm every time? It dhat important?

Should we aim for it? I think the answer is yes, quickly followed by maybe. Yes, orgasm is important. It bonds us to our husbands, looking at your girlfriend creates the sense women coffee morning sex chat connectedness and well-being. It points to a God who created, understands and is concerned with our happiness.

Lewis says this so well in his Screwtape Letters: So there is my yes. Here is my maybe: I do not think the goal or purpose of sex is or should be explicitly to orgasm. God, in His infinite wisdom, created men to experience orgasm and ejaculation simultaneously at least most of women coffee morning sex chat time.

But I czech girl sex believe that God knew what He was doing.

As I stated earlier, the purpose of sex is not orgasm, per se. And whenever we began to want orgasm more than unity, pleasure more than sacrificial love, and that rush of women coffee morning sex chat more than healthy communication — we are in danger of making an idol out of orgasms.

This is dangerous ground, and must be avoided.

Just presenting a question for you to ask cpffee and the Lord. To summarize, I think that in a healthy cofee a wife would experience how to masturbate online every time she and her husband had sex unless they were both in agreement that her doing without was okay. This women coffee morning sex chat be for women coffee morning sex chat quickie, or if she was tired but he was needing, or one of many various situations.

However, in a healthy relationship I do believe that a wife would reach orgasm almost every time. That being said, I realize that many of us are not in these relationships.

And I think that this is where we learn to hope and pray and give our desires to the Father. There are many situations that are right and good that are not currently active in our lives.

Women coffee morning sex chat

Women coffee morning sex chat may be one of. If so, then I pray for you today — I pray that you would have the words to share your heart with your husband. I pray he would have ears to hear. I pray that you would learn to cast your cares upon Christ, dhat to allow Him to use this yes, even this to mold and shape your heart into looking more like Him.

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So, what about you? Pull up a chair and lets share our thoughts.

Fix a cup of coffee with me and lets chat. What weight do women coffee morning sex chat think an orgasm should have?

Do wojen agree with my thoughts or do you think I missed something? Thank you Annabel for sharing this post!! Over a year ago I read in someones blog about the clitoris being only for pleasure.

12 Examples Of Sexy Good Morning Texts For Her | YourTango

It spoke of the hows and whys and was a wonderful article. Good morning, Annabel!

Things had slowed down in the sexual intimacy between my husband and I, and this question came about women coffee morning sex chat of those changes. My brief history: I am divorced after a twenty-year abusive marriage and remarried a year ago to the most wonderful, caring, loving man.

We are both Christians and have a really passionate love for one.

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Our sex life has been amazing from day one and I would say on average we would make love about times weekly in the beginning of our marriage, although i would be content with every single day! Sorry if that was TMI, but I think massage male naked will help in understanding rest of my reply. Around the time I women coffee morning sex chat the question my husband seemed to be less interested in making love.

A coffee chat : the wife’s orgasm | Spice & Love

Suddenly we were only having sex once or twice a week and he no longer was actively pursuing me. I was baffled and tried to just accept it without saying anything to him, but when almost a week would go by without sex I began feeling down and not as connected to.

At first I just tried to live with it, but eventually said something to him about wishing we made women coffee morning sex chat more. He told me that all I had to do was let him know I wanted to make love and we. I felt a little sad about that because I wanted him to be interested too and not just me hot older woman indianapolis in, kwim?

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Anyway, Women coffee morning sex chat came to my own thoughts wome why he no longer seemed interested in making love as often and figured it was because looking for a friend then whatever took me too long to shemale party an orgasm and perhaps it felt like too much work to him, although he has never complained and has always adult singles dating in Blanchard enthusiastic to help me climax.

Amazing how our minds start us on a downward spiral of out of control thoughts when we start speculating about things, huh?. Another side note: Anyway, hence the question…just how important should reaching an orgasm be?

Fast forward to this day…a few days ago I sat down with my husband and finally had a heart to heart talk about all of. I was shaking for fear of making him mad leftover issues I have from my first marriage where I could not express my feelings and then the tears came. I needed to know if it had to women coffee morning sex chat with me. I just needed to know the reason and then I could handle it better. He told me sed his desire cofcee less frequent lovemaking has nothing to do with morniing and that he enjoys our moning lovemaking and bringing me to an orgasm.

He just feels that every three days is sufficient for him and yet he said he realizes that he has not been taking care of my need for more frequent lovemaking like he. We came to a compromise on how often would work the two of us and I told him that just knowing it had nothing to do morninf me allows me to accept less sex each week.

Well, this got way too long, but I just wanted to share why Monring asked the question and where things are today. Better go make some more coffee. So so glad you came today! And rejoicing with you that you were able to have a heart-to-heart with your husband that resulted in a restored understanding of where you are both at with your sexual desires and goals.

I love what you shared about your orgasmic timing too, because I women coffee morning sex chat that women coffee morning sex chat all take our own good time in reaching mornibg ability to release, and I LOVE how your husband encouraged your heart.

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He loves the feeling that he is taking blacktown adult services of me, and his ability to bring me to orgasm speaks to his masculine heart in such a God-given way.

So girl, revel in it! Even if it takes you 45 minutes.

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Also, just a thought, but being married now almost 7 years has enabled both of us to figure me out lots better. Thanks for your comment Annabel. In my first marriage, my ex never tried at all to please me. Today I am blessed with not only prostitution in norcross ga amazingly loving marriage, but to have a man who takes great pleasure in pleasing me, and not just sexually.

He listens to me, he encourages communication, he just women coffee morning sex chat me for me. After I talked to him a few days ago he just held me afterward and told me over and over how much he loved me and how wonderful our lovemaking is to.

And THAT was the most soothing, healing balm to my soul. I know with being older and my husband unfortunately dealing with ED caused by his blood women coffee morning sex chat that we will not have as women coffee morning sex chat years ahead of us to enjoy lots of frequent lovemaking, moring I can say that the quality is so amazing. And now knowing that my husband does not mind our long lovemaking womeb I can lay back, relax and allow myself to take the time needed to experience the most amazing pleasure.

I do think it is city sex dating in Portland mn to aim for orgasm during most sexual encounters.

Women coffee morning sex chat

I cotfee the danger in not seeking an orgasm is that it leaves the husband feeling like he is the only one participating. It would be like going to eat at a restaurant where only one of you enjoys the food.

My husband loves to know that he has satisfied me. It gives him satisfaction and I think helps him feel manly. Morninf is him being sacrificial and looking out for her needs and women coffee morning sex chat.

A man who rolls over after his orgasm without concern for his wife who needs a bit more time and attention is not caring for her needs. And for the woman who has trouble orgasming, it is time to educate yourself and figure out how to get.

Let your husband know you want to work on it.